Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions from job seekers and the facilities who need them.

If your questions aren’t answered below, feel free to call us at 304.600.6586 or email us at jeanine@vanisonhealthstaff.com. We’re always happy to help.

1. Do you provide staffing solutions to all health care facilities?

Currently, we provide professional staffing services for long-term care, skilled nursing, and assisted living facilities.

2. Do you perform criminal background checks on employees prior to hiring?

Yes, we will screen potential employees which includes background checks, drug testing, license verification, etc.

3. What if we need a health care provider with a certain skill set?

All employees must complete a skills checklist that highlights, their skills and expertise. Additionally, candidates undergo a certification/license verification in order to be placed into the right position.

4. Do you require your employees to be immunized?

Yes, we require that all our employees have up-to-date immunizations with supporting documentation. We require Hepatitis B vaccine, COVID vaccine, and yearly TB testing and influenza.

5. How does hiring a health care agency benefit us?

When health care facilities don’t have enough employees, the result can be detrimental to the way the facility functions. The care for the patients also declines. employees become frustrated, overworked, and worn out, leading to more open positions and even worse conditions. That’s where we come in! Vanison Healthcare Staffing, LLC can ensure a staff shortage doesn’t happen by filling the open positions with reliable, highly skilled professionals. We send providers that arrive quickly and are ready to work.

Staffing agencies are flexible to meet your needs. We can help fill the position you want with ease. We’ll take on the busy work, leaving you to focus on finding the right candidate who will best fit your company and the job you are trying to fill.

Healthcare staffing agencies provide access to a larger pool of candidates, save time and money, and only work with the best talent.

6. Do you offer employee benefits?

Yes. If you work 30 or more hours per week, you are offered employee benefits which include medical, dental, vision, 401(K), HSA, and voluntary accident and critical illness.

7. What are the requirements to work at Vanison Healthcare Staffing, LLC?

To work as an agency health care provider, you must:

  • Have one-year or more of experience in long term care-based facilities.
  • Have a professional license in good standing.
  • Provide accurate and precise information pertaining to immunizations and health records.
  • Pass multi-panel urine drug screen.
  • Pass background investigation.
  • Have a CPR Certification

8. Is Vanison Healthcare Staffing, LLC a local or national agency?

Currently, we are a locally based staffing company in West Virginia with plans for expansion into Ohio. Our goal is to grow the agency to reach candidates nationwide and help staff healthcare professionals across the United States. However, we are starting out in the WV area.

9. What is the best way to reach Vanison Healthcare Staffing?

To contact us, please use the information shown below:

Vanison Healthcare Staffing
3558 N Jefferson Street, Suite 5
Lewisburg WV 24901
P: 304.600.6586
E: jeanine@vanisonhealthstaff.com